Horse Riding Helmet

Let’s start from your head. Especially if you are a beginner in riding horses, you will fall down from your horse. But one of the best ways to conquer this fear of falling down from a horse is to make sure that you are well-prepared when that happens so that nothing serious would happen to you physically. And the most important gear to protect you from a fall is your helmet.Not to scare you off horse-riding or anything, but let us just stress the importance of wearing a helmet in horseback riding. Statistics indicate that there are 70,000 cases of injuries related to horseback riding every year. And 12,000 of these cases have suffered head injuries. Make sure that you wear a helmet that is ASTM/SEI certified.


A certified helmet is one of the most important parts of equipment because it absorbs energy when you crush from your horse and prevents your head from injuring. That is why it is important to understand that quality is a key factor that you should consider when buying a helmet. A good helmet can save your life and protect your brain by reducing the peak impact on it.

And make sure that your helmet fits you perfectly. It does not make sense that you wear a safe helmet if it would only fly off your head the moment you fall off your horse.And lastly, wear your helmet at all times that you are near a horse, even if you are not mounted. Your horse is a powerful animal that can cause serious unforeseen accidents. Even your level of expertise in horseback riding does not lessen the probability of having accidents.


Always remember that the risk of injury is a function of the cumulative riding time, and not your level of expertise.Important: Replace your helmet whenever it absorbs serious impact when you take a fall. Although externally, you might not see a damage, such as a crack, in the helmet, it may have suffered unseen structural damage which may not protect your head fully the next time you hit your head during a fall.

Now you know how to choose equipment. Hope you will find this article useful and always remember not to buy cheap equipment since it has poor quality and will not protect you from serious injuries. Good luck!

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